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Bore Welding Machine (BW1000)

The Climax Auto Bore Welder (BW1000) is an automated spiral bore welding machine which provides you with an affordable bore welding technology. High quality bore welding machines are now available in a ruggedly constructed, highly portable and easily affordable package.

The bore welding machine (BW1000) is lightweight and portable, weighing just 7.7kg and is easy to transport from the shop to the field. The bore welding machine (BW1000) is extremely versatile and easy to operate as it welds in any axis, the operation is extremely simple and it interfaces with most wire feeders.

Because the bore welding machine (BW1000) uses the same mounting fixtures as the Climax BB3000, BB4500 or BB500 boring systems, you can weld up one section of your job and bore out another section at the same time. Simply use an extra set of bearing mounts to line bore one set of bores while bore welding another, cutting your work time!

With a bore welding machine (BW1000) you can now:

  • Increase both your welding and machining productivity.
  • Dramatically reduce repair time and costs.
  • Repair equipment on-site.
  • Maximize equipment uptime.
  • Extend the working life of your capital equipment.
Bore Welding Machine (BW3000)
The Climax Auto Bore Welder (BW3000) is an automated step bore welding machine which provides you with a new degree of welding performance and precision. Your weld time will decrease dramatically while you produce precise, uniform, high quality welds as compared to hand welding techniques. The bore welding machine (BW3000) has unmatched weld quality and precision. It provides complete weld coverage at the start and finish of the bore.

The bore welding machine (BW3000) reaches up to 152.4cm into the bore. Using torch extension support can extend upwards using extended reach torch options. It lays up to 2.27kgs of metal per hour. The arch time increases 50-100% over hand welding, cutting weld time in half.

The bore welding machine (BW3000) has “built in cost savings”. The precise uniform welds means less wire is consumed which reduces cost. All configurations of the bore welding machine (BW3000) comes ready for a push-pull wire feeder which prevents wire buckling and waste when using low column-strength wire. The bore welding machine (BW3000) is consistent and uniform welds reduce cutting tool wear, reducing cutting time by up to 50%.

A bore welding machine (BW3000) has flexibility and versatility:

  • Welds in any orientation: vertical, horizontal, or inverted.
  • Allows alternating of uphill and downhill welds in a horizontal bore when welding multiple passes.
  • Patented “offset head” provides radial adjustments of the torch while maintaining proper torch angle in relation to the work piece.
  • Wide range of travel speeds and amperage for challenging in-field conditions or working with exotic metals.
  • With proper options, can weld with any wire - stelite, nickel, exotic metals.
  • Can be configured to perform clad overlay with nickel alloys, bronze, and exotic metals.
  • Four operating modes available: Auto-Skip, Pie, Carriage Return, and Contiuous Weld.
  • Patented step process outperforms spiral welding by providing complete weld coverage with infinitely adjustable step, allowing bead placement from 0.40 - 0.220 inches (1.0 - 5.6 mm).
  • Auto-skip feature allows “weld only” or “skip only” areas to be designated.
  • Allows rapid completion of work on out-of-round bores, bores with keyways.
  • Precisely welds conical valve seats
Bore Welding Machine (BW5000)

The Climax Auto Bore Welder (BW5000) is a powerful welding and cladding machine that rotates around the workpiece. The bore welding machine (BW5000) produces high quality welding and cladding using any commercially available alloy or stainless steel.

The bore welding machine (BW5000) is an affordable, highly configurable, circumferential weld cladding system, which provides a durable platform for multiple configurations of weld overlay. It rotates around stationary parts. The wire feed, step, and weld wire rotate together under the stationary head unit, retaining consistent wire placement as the machine rotates. The bore welding machine (BW5000) allows for a wide range of exotic alloys with multiple configurations to meet your needs.

The bore welding machine (BW5000) utilizes a CLX step feed system, allowing 100% coverage, creating precision welds of any thickness required between 0.125 and 0.35 inches. (3.175 and 8.89 mm).
The bore welding machine (BW5000) will minimize cost, waste & downtime.
  • The BW5000 allows large parts to be welded without rotating them, making it ideal for fieldwork, setting up on large equipment that could never be rotated, and gets the job done 75% faster than traditional hand welding methods.
  • After welding operations are complete, the bore welding machine (BW5000) packs up to require only 1 cubic yard of storage space.
  • The bore welding machine (BW5000) can deposit 12 pounds of metal per hour — hour after hour.
  • It can Increase both the welding and production capacity.
  • Build up or clad bores from 12 to 144 inches (304.8 to 3657.6 mm)

A Welding Machine Lowers Welding Costs

When you own your own welding machine, you can lower your costs. You will no longer pay the rental fees associated with renting a welding machine and this will allow you to use it longer and complete more welding jobs.

When considering owning a welding machine instead of renting one, you need to consider the cost of the machine and any financing options that may be available to make it affordable. Investing the upfront costs to acquire the welding machine should translate in lower costs later on when meeting your welding needs.

Owning Ensures the Welding Machine Quality

When renting a welding machine, you have no way of knowing whether the welding machine has been maintained properly or is of good quality. Unfortunately, a rental welding machine may be in bad condition and need repair or replacement. This will cost you time and possible money in a welding job.

You can ensure the quality of your welding machine by owning it yourself. You can maintain the machine to your own standards, and know that it will be in good working order every time you need it.


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