Machine Cutting Services

Make Difficult Repairs On-Site
Save Time and Save Money

Letting Us Do The Job For You

Machine Cutting Services was established in 1983 and since then we have undertaken numerous on-site machining operations at power stations, petrochemical plants, heavy engineering plants, mines, and offshore-related ventures. We will develop a tool for specialist applications and are well known for our innovative designs.

Buying The Right Equipment

At Machine Cutting Services we offer a range of unique, portable tools for fast accurate on-site machining. The very best technology for the repair of worn or damaged equipment is available to you. Machine Cutting Services is the distributor for Climax Portable Machine Tools, E.H. Wachs, and Warrior Pipe Parting and Bevelling Machines. We also manufacture the Gammacut Weld End Preparation Lathe.

Our Key on-site machining solutions include:

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