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The FF5000 is a versatile flange facing machine that allows you to face, bevel, and turn pipe, valve, and pump flanges with ease. The two-piece mounting system makes setup and alignment of this machine quick and easy. It allows one operator to easily set up the machine and begin machining in just a few minutes.

Flange Facing Machine Facing Diameter:

Min Facing Diameter 5.0 inches (127.0 mm)
Max Facing Diameter 24.0 inches (609.6 mm)
ID Mounting Diameter:
Min I.D. Mount 3.5 inches (88.9 mm)
Max I.D. Mount (optional chuck) 18.0 inches (457.2 mm)

Flange Facing Machine Stroke:

Radial Tool Feed Stroke 8.5 inches (215.9 mm)
Vertical Tool Stroke 2.0 inches (50.8 mm)
Counterbore Machining Dia. and Depth 5.0 - 24.0 inches dia. and (127.0 - 609.6 mm dia) and
depth 1.97 inch in one setup depth 50.0 mm in one setup

Flange Facing Machine Feed:

Power Radial & Vertical Feed Automatic, adjustable and reversible
Automatic Radial Tool Feed 0 - 0.03 inch/rev. in eight increments 0 - 0.76 mm/rev, in eight increments
Automatic Vertical Tool Feed 0 - 0.02 inch in eight increments 0 - 0.51 mm in eight increments.
Motor Hp (pneumatic) 1.2 Hp (0.89 kW)

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