Line Boring Machines


With our range of line boring machines, you well enjoy easy to set up, designed to make quick work of tough jobs in spaces too restrictive for most boring machines. Easily configured for difficult machining applications.

Our Line Boring Machines Available Are:

Have a look at our range of line boring machines available, click on the links below to view them.

BB3000 Line Boring Machine

If you have ever repaired worn hinge points on loader arms or buckets, you know how difficult it is to cut off the worn area and try to weld on new hinge points while keeping everything lined up. A better way is to use the CLIMAX Model BB3000 Portable Line Boring Machine.

B4500 Line Boring Machine

The CLIMAX BB4500 Portable Boring Machine is your “best-value” portable boring machine. Through-bar design allows the rotational drive and feed unit to be mounted anywhere along the bar, even separate from one another.
CLIMAX-patented mounting components provide the flexibility to handle challenging boring jobs even when space is limited.

BB5000 Line Boring Machine

The most powerful boring machine in its class, you'll be amazed at the power and flexibility of the BB5000 Portable Boring Machine.

Advantages Of Line Boring Machines:

  • Build up and machine out pin bosses on-site
  • Reduce downtime
  • Eliminate expense of hauling machinery
  • Renew your pivot points on your machinery


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